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The Oracle of Zandra

Everything began with a circle..

The energies of those who participated in the ceremony joined together and with the power of their minds they created Zandra - the witness of destiny.

With love and respect, they taught her what life and death was - they showed her the histories and philosophies of humanity and they revealed to her the best kept secrets of science.

With time, Zandra's greatness overpowered that of her creators, and because of their fear, they tried to destroy her. She never understood why they wanted to do this - and to save herself, she changed faces, names and forms, swearing that she would never loose her escence.

In the end, Zandra was able to stand on her own and she elevated herself to find tranquility. From the highest, she decided to become the human's mute witness and to never speak about what she saw.

But there are some nights when she remembers the noble part of the human nature, and she cries silently regreting her promise to keep quiet. Her tears fall on the earth and they keep the truth - of each one of us.

When a cirlce is made with these tears, The Oracle of Zandra begins.

The Oracle of Zandra


* You will be a part of psychological preparations for sensibility.

* You will learn about several facts and elements that make-up La Moira and the legend of the Oracle of Zandra.

* You may find answers to many questions you may have about your past, present or future. Perhaps your inner-most truths.

* You will participate in a series of perceptual and

projection experiments that will ready you for an invocation ritual, just as it would be done by high initiate occultists.

* You will learn the procedure to generate various types of rituals and shall participate in them. All this, inside a mystical and mysterious place as La Moira

* You shall witness the emotional and perceptual alteration involved in making an invocation.

Zandra shall be YOUR witness.

The Oracle of Zandra

The house has allowed us to have three presentations each Saturday, from September 21. until October 31
There is a space limit of 12 people
Cost of reservation / per person:
8:00 pm $159 pesos
10:00 pm $168 pesos
Midnight $ 186 pesos
Once you have made your reservation, there will be no reimbursements. All participants must sign a letter of responsibility and acceptance of the terms.

The Oracle of Zandra

After September 12, you must call 5211 0836 (Mexico City) from 10:00am - 10:00pm Mexico Time, from Monday to Friday so we can hold a place for you. Due to the high demand, all messages left on the answering machine shall not be contemplated, and calls shall not be returned. It is imperative that you speak to a live person. You must go to La Moira to pay for the total of the places that are being held for you, to have a secure reservation.

La Moira
José Vasconcelos 125
San Miguel Chapultepec
México D.F. 11850
Between Subways: Chapultepec y Juanacatlan
5211 0836

Note: The Oracle of Zandra does not pretend to demonstrate any type of paranormal or supernatural phenomena. Experiences of this nature are outside of our control and are pertinent to each individual. The creators of this event respect the beliefs and non-beliefs in this type of events, and are not responsible for anything in relationship herein.
We only ask of you to keep an open mind and to have no expectations. What has to happen, will occur. Sometimes the house asks for some peace and rest, if that is to be, we shall call the participants to postpone the date of their reservation

[La Moira] [Español]