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Spectactorial Role Playing
an introduction
The Dawn of Solitude Cain's Mask Ashes of Hope

Spectactorial Role Playing (SRP) is a group of people who find entertainment in playing acting as vampires. The goal is to generate a performance of the "vampiric reality" of Mexico and to render the proper circumstances that may bring together the encounter of characters interested in the romantics of the vampiric figure. This vampiric "society" in a manner of entertainment does not pretend to employ this con-text as a defense mechanism to compensate for the lack of character or reality denials. That is why Vamp-Impro makes use of the performing arts in order to promote the vampiric figure as a poetic form of expression.

This project has been created by a group of interdisciplinary performers seeking to integrate people who want to become vampires for the night.

SRP holds an archive of all the players who have participated. Up to now there has been over 300 players.

To register in SRP the only requirements are that you are above 18 years of age, you fill out a questionnaire and the construction of a persona.

To avoid confusion, all the participants of SRP are subject to expulsion of the organization during the performance if during the game they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs., If they make physical contact with any other player, if they carry weapons (including replicas) or if the destroy any part of the stage or locations.



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