[LA MOIRA] [Español]

in English or Spanish
with Maestro Erick Merino

La Moira welcomes the new theatre laboratory. This workshop is conducted in a particular manner - to develop the specific qualities of each participant; be it as an actor, a performer or as a director. This characteristic of the workshops makes room also for professional practitioners who face day by day new challenge and performances.

The duration and hours of the workshop and lessons depend on the goals of each student:

Acting and Performing
The students will be presented to several performing practices for them to develop their own particular technique. The training is focused on the areas pertinent to the interests of each participant.

Professional Acting and Performing
This type of workshop is designed for professionals who are already working - but who feel that they need to expand on their techniques. This workshop is run in a one-to-one basis with Maestro Merino to try new theories not studied before hand by the perform and to polish certain abilities already acquired by the performer for an specific role. This workshop is also offered to people in other media who feel they need to develop their work in voice, improv, presentation, and other peculiarities.

Stage Directing
This special workshop crosses a diverse range of theories and practices. The student can develop his or her own personal directing technique without having to tie ideals to one theorist or author. The course is focused on several areas of interest to the participant touching on not only the traditional and conventional techniques, but also opening the field of performance to other types of arts: theatre (different genres), musicals, concertos, sports, performance & live arts, fashion, tv, among others.

All of you interested, please contact us at:


Centro Experimental de Cultura La Moira

Jose Vasconcelos # 125
San Miguel Chapultepec
11850 Mexico D.F.

Erick Merino's CV
Studied Drama in Victoria B.C. Canada. He has directed several plays and performed in over 30 productions in Canada, Japan, U.S.A., Mexico, England and Finland. His repertoire includes opera, operetta, musicals, dramas, comedies, and live arts. He was awarded in 1987 The SMU Award Distinction in Drama, Also he studied at Harvard University, advanced directing, stage, costume and lightning design, and at Central School of Speech and Drama (London) he studied an M.A. in Performance Studies. For his artistic work he as been awarded by the National Press Circle of Mexico two Palmas de Oro and two Sol de Oro.

He ran the theatre activities at Anahuac (1991-1994, 1998-2000) and presently he is member of Performance Studies International and is President of the Board of Teatro de Papel A.C. and Carpa Geodesica. He has translated several plays and musicals into Spanish.