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¿Qué es
el perfomance?

Erick Merino

Book in Spanish
ISBN 970-92897-0-5

¿Qué es el perfomance?

There are always questions regarding performance art and live arts:

What is performance art and live arts?
What I am doing, is it performance art? If not, then what is it?
Is it ok what I am doing?,
or should I change something?
Live arts is a concept that shall always be open to discusion and proposals.
In México, this artistic expression points towards so many worlds that, surely, it's gaining an identity of its own.
Shal we continuo with the questioning?
Does performance have an escence in Mexico? With the text ¿Qué es el performance? one can arrive to a re-solution..
It focus on grounds of identuty, position, location, placing, situation and points of departure

To the begin again with the dissertations and debates of what it is all about.


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