[LA MOIRA] [Español]

Flamenco Art Studies


- Dance (beginners and intermediate)
- Literature
- Music (guitar & percussion)
- History

* Recitals
* Conferences
* Live presentations
* Round tables

Guided by experts practitioners
Open Call

Limited reservations

If you are interested in participating in any of our workshops of Flamenco Art Studies write to our e-mail alborea5@hotmail.com or call us in Mexico City at:


Centro Experimental de Cultura
Jose Vasconcelos # 125
San Miguel Chapultepec
11850 Mexico D.F.
5211 0846

And dancing laconic, your gaze plagiarizes me

and you step on my enthusiasm with cruel magic

as the phrase of a dancer who steps on a hemorrhage
R. López Velarde

MADREMORA is a project that becomes from the reply to the need of spaces for Flamenco Art Studies. Aware that flamenco is composed of a mosaic of cultural phenomena that we study in a separate way and talk to us from the richness of the individual that allows us to deepen the vastness of its history.

In this manner, The Flamenco Art Studies MADREMORA and each one of its members after opening the path as individuals in each of its elements they decide to congregate in the same line of co-creation to the ends of studying, deepening, enriching, and understanding the dance, the music, the chant, the literature and the feeling of the flamenco technique

Aware of the importance of not only studying but promoting this art, is that we open to the public this small space for flamenco as one more proposal to the cultural diversity of Mexico City, having as our host La Moira, that is characterized through its history for its unconditional and irreducible support to every open project, always enveloping with an air of respect and tolerance.

“And being flamenco is being a thing. Its being flesh, soul, passion, skin, instincts and desires, it's another seeing of the world, in the great sense; the whatnot in conciseness, the music in the nerves, independent firmness, joy with tears, sorrow, life, and shadowed love: hating the routines the castrating methods, absorbing in the chant, converting life in a subtle art and whim and freedom, without accepting the iron of mediocrity, setting it all in an invite; savoring, giving, feeling, living! That"
Tomás Borrás