A practical look at live entertainment and acting techniques for magicians

Only one hundred books were printed for this edition, all of them published personally by the author. Each book is individually numbered and signed on hand-made paper with real tree leafs embedded inside.

The book itself is printed on Scroll Tan or Engraver Gray colored paper with vellum-finish, matching the look and feel of authentic parchment with 89g/m2 and long direction of the grain. This edition was individually printed directly from the original digital source at different times, and during the transfer some of the accented letters, characters and symbols were altered in some of the prints, making each book entirely unique. The first page of the book is embossed with the author’s concatenated name.

Each limited number has also been hand-bound and hand-sown in a black fabric that embraces a hard-cover book with silver foil stamping and embossing on the spine and cover.

On the outside, the book is protected by a printed matte silver 10-point thick kromecote cardboard dust jacket with a description of the book, ISBN barcode, and on the flaps: all of the details pertinent to the First Limited and Signed Edition. To top it all, the book rests inside an extremely thick satin-like self-closing cloth bag specially crafted and designed to shelter this exclusive and exceptional work of art.

ISBN 970-92897-1-3
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ISBN 970-92897-1-3
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ISBN 970-92897-1-3
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