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Sheila Ernst-Bifano


This first image was taken in Matamoros, Mexico. "End of the Century" © Ernst-Bifano
of course refers to the Millenium

"Ice Cream Girl" © Ernst-Bifano

"The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes" © Ernst-Bifano

refers to the Beatles tune 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.'


"Mission San Jose" © Ernst-Bifano


This series was taken at one of the five historic mexican missions in San Antonio, Texas

"Open Window" © Ernst-Bifano

"A Man Waits" © Ernst-Bifano

Sheila Ernst-Bifano
14906 Elmont Dr., Houston, TX 77095
(281) 550-9399, Fax: please call for fax
e-mail: fbifano@swbell.net

Curriculum Vitae

Ms. Ernst-Bifano had a one-person show beginning on December 16, 2000 curated by Robert Meyer of Red Oaks Gallery, 201-B Hwy 27 W, Comfort, Texas (830) 995-5025, a crafts town in the Hill Country, and including both her "Mission San Jose" and "Eiffel Tower" series.

Ms. Ernst-Bifano's black and white silver gelatin Mexican-influenced photographic work is included in a group show with Green Tara Gallery, curated by Donna Soto, 241 South Elliott Road at Village Plaza, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514, (919) 932-6400 from mid-October through February 2001.

Her photography was reviewed by Spectator news magazine (January 17-23, 2001 edition) and noted that "the photos (subjects) seem almost tangible" and her "photos make the viewer want to reach out and touch them." "The attention to detail also means that each of Ms. Ernst-Bifano's photos is unique - not mass-produced."

Ms. Ernst-Bifano participated in a one-person show scheduled September 25 through
October 13, 2000 with Carol Weber, Curator of the Art Galleries at South Suburban College,
15800 S State Street, South Holland, IL 60452 (708) 596-2000 ex. 2202. She is presently on-line with gallery213.com, Gallery 213, 213 N Morgan, Ste 2G, Chicago, IL 60607, Tiffany Tekiel, curator, (312) 738-0811. Please refer to Ms. Ernst-Bifano's website at
http://home.swbell.net/fbifano/Ernst-Bifano.html for the latest in her popular Mexican-influenced portfolio.

Blossom Street Gallery, 4809 Blossom St., Houston, TX 77007, (713) 869-1921,
represented her in Houston in her successful show from March 2 through April 4, 2000. The
gallery sponsored Ms. Ernst-Bifano for FotoFest International Month of Photography. This
involved her inclusion in FotoFest's Catalogue 2000 and presentation of her exhibition entitled "Spiritual Spaces of Europe." Her portfolio for this show was reviewed by PaperCity and listed "Ms. Ernst-Bifano...under the category of provocative emerging talent" and she "creates lyrical architectural portraits" (11/99 issue).

Ms. Ernst-Bifano will participate in the next FotoFest 2002 with The Cloister Gallery, Christ Church Cathedral, 1117 Texas Ave., Downtown Houston, TX 77002,
curated by Ms. Jeanne Roth (713) 222-2593 ex. 334.

Four of her portrait photographs were exhibited at the Community Artists' Collective, from
March 20, 1999 to May 15 in their group show. She has attended the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts but received her baccalaureate from the University of Houston.

Better Homes and Gardens "Historic Galveston Island" to be published in the year 2002.
Nostalgia Magazine "Woman Hollering Creek" published in Fall 2000 edition.
Amelia Magazine "Historic Tarpin Springs, Florida" to be published in Amelia #30.
The Family Digest "Mission San Jose, Texas" published July 2000.
Whole Life Times "Of Streets and Statues, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico" published in May 1998
Big Apple Parents' Paper "Managing your Teenagers' Rock Band" published.

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