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The "Comichouse"

To your left you can link to the short story that the artists used to base themselves to render Comicasa. You can also find a link to a more detailed list of the artists who participated (including their CVs until 1994). You can also take a look at the press articles and reviews that detail the blockade on its inaugural date.

As to how Comicasa was formed, we now present to you a text taken from the Press Kit given on September 1994:


From the impetus of finding new spaces of expression, a group evolves to generate an encounter between the spectators and art, where a comic and art can live cohearse in harmony in one place: La Comicasa "LA MOIRA".

This alternative encounter presents not only comic artists, but also brings together photographers, sculpture artists, painters, drawers, designers and videoists to share cultural and artistic manifestations.

It does not matter if the artists are famous or prestigious; the requisites for their integration in the project: to be famous and to have quality in their work.


1) Bring together cartoon artists and formal artists of different disciplines to create Comicasa La Moira, located at the number 125 of José Vasconcelos, in the colony of San Miguel Chapultepec, in Mexico City. This event's inauguration is the 21st of September of 1994, and will open its doors to the public from the 22nd to the 30th of the same month from six to nine pm.

2) Break the limitations of time and space generated by the printed format of the comics. This will be done using the whole house as a space of artistic expression where the walls will be the fundamental area, this allows for a personal and different choice of the order of reading and interpreting by each onlooker.

3) To have the chance to see multiple faces of art in one single space, opening the doors of the comicasa to the invited guests without the inhibitions that are produced by a gallery or a museum.

4) Incorporate ephemeral art to the urban context so that the aesthetic bliss may be of a more quotidian nature to the eye of the spectator. The event opens up the possibility for elements to be presented in a three dimensional fashion, allowing the spectator to walk thorough the house and to interact with the works of art.


All the artists will base their work on the short story La Moira by Erick Merino to recreate and tie the story together. The plot shall be woven using one common character:paying respect to the central story that plays in house La Moira, which is the same building as the comicasa.


To make this project come true, a committees has bring brought together for Comicasa La Moira that will take care of proposing and selecting quality artists, and also will mediate between the sponsors, the media and the participants. This working team has taken on the responsibility of this event.



Erick Fritsche & Héctor Hernández


Edgar Clément, Ricardo Peláez & Mónica Peón


Fedra Josefina, Carmen Guzmán, Maite Rivera, Sylvia Rubio y Giovanna Segura


Bernardo Fernández Bef, Fabián Frías, David Grinberg, Ricardo Guerrero, Carlos Lara, Francisco Mendoza Trejo, Octavio Montes, Roberto Ortiz, Ricardo Peláez, Nacho Peón y Cid Suard