Aromatherapy Baths
prepared by
Wenseslao Mundroe

Tuesdays Thursdays & Saturdays
10:00 a.m. - 18:00 p.m.
Previous appointment: call Mexico City 5211 0836 or send an e-mail to lamoira@lamoira.com

Open to house calls and performed at the

Centro Experimental de Cultura La Moira

Jose Vasconcelos 125
San Miguel Chapultepec
Mexico City

% Juan Escutia St. & Joaquín Argaez St.
% Subway Juanacatlán & Subway Chapultepec

Aromaterapia/ Aromatherapy: the art of employing natural essences, herbs, oils, flowers, and salts to aliviate conventional physical and mentalailments.

The technique that we have developed is designed to cover your specific needs, We prepare the ingredients the night before acording to what you have in mind.

Our treatments are focused to your mind and body:

We put an emphasis on your skin care, and that's why we intergrate to our arometherapy baths relif to your specific conditions; swelling, alergies, irritants and acne. We also seek to revitalize and clean your skin so it is always healthy.

Your well being is our primal concern, that is why we put enphasis on what you needm either for activation or relaxation, or simply to take your worries away. We seek to tranquiliza insomnia, detox anxiety, hang overs, headaches, migranes, and to lower your stress and diverse emotional problems suchas as nerves, nostalgia, agressivness, boredom, anger,sexual anxiety, confusion, overworking minds, jelousy, lack of self-esteem, tantrums, loneliness, fears and fobias ... among others.