Disertations and Other Acts - Encounter / Symposyum / Festival

Disertaciones y Otros Actos is an encounter/symposium/festival to be celebrated in three states of Mexico from the 4th to the 13th of July 1996.

An encounter that intends through the congregation of presences the combination of several disciplines towards the configuration and debate of new modes of approaching knowledge.

A symposium for the recollection of new strategies.

A festival of acts as a ground for thought.

The meeting shall be a journey through Mexican landscapes, that will become the point of departure for the different practices of philosophers, artists, and scientists who will conform the event.

Theatre, performance and representation will be confronted by space. Therefore a distinctive expoundment and questioning must be re-created every time on every stage.

Impossibility as possibility becomes the theme of this event, departing from territory towards cultures. Creative acts (action) as a way of un-veiling our modes of approaching our own different world/s.

The dissertations and other acts will be performed at:

<<1>> Mexico City ~ 4-7 July 1996 One of the most populated cities in the world (23 million people approx.) will become the first sceno-graphical site where the event will take place. We shall begin at the center of this megalopolis in front of some prehispanic constructions.

<<2>> Monterrey, Nuevo León ~ 7-11 July 1996 A metropolis surrounded by mountains will be the next stop of our journey. This is an important industrial and technological city (six million inhabitants approx.) at the north of Mexico.

<<3>> San Luis Potosí, SLP ~ 11-12 July 1996 A polis (one million inhabitants approx.) which presents in its architecture a great amount of colonial buildings. It is the capital of the San Luis Potosí Estate.

<<4>> Real de Catorce, SLP ~ 12-13 July 1996 This village in the middle of the mountains - a high plateau territory - (one thousand inhabitants approx.) was founded in colonial times beside mines silver. For the Huichol group it is a sacred place where rites are held.

<<5>> Desierto Estación, SLP ~ 13 July 1996 An uninhabited desert.

Should you have any more questions involving Disertaciones y Otros Actos 1988 or if you are interested in participating, please do not hesitate to write to us at the following e-address:



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